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Jean-Maurice Catroux

A man 

passionate about Jesus Christ



arbre en fleurs


His name was Jean Maurice. At the age of 25, he had an ardent desire to help the youth and the elderly, the sick and the healthy, to live fully their life in the part of France, where the bishop of Angers had sent him.

He felt touched by a presence in himself, a mysterious force that compelled him to go ahead. Alone, how could he help his parishioners at La Salle de Vihiers? Where could he find open and courageous hearts to take up this work of authentic love of God and neighbor? 


He sought, he prayed, he inquired, in all simplicity. They turned him down because he lacked the financial resources judged indispensable for such a task.


Where then could he find the precious pearl, the treasure, the heart seized by the same desire as his?

He met only refusals. 

lever de soleil



"God in his wisdom and kindness leads us to his goals by marvelous ways that we do not choose and often we follow in spite of ourselves"Jean Maurice Catroux.


Crucifix chapelle à Montgeron



Ferme de la famille Giet


At the farm, La Fouquette, lived Rose Giet. Already, she had renounced all ideas of marriage and developed some projects of the Christian life, all consecrated to exercising charity toward 


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